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Sung Yong Park 
1/503rd AASLT BTN, 2ID, 2001~2003 
This was my comments for U.S brothers on Independence Day and the video
is dedicated to all of U.S soldiers by ROK.

Happy Independence day to my all U.S brothers.
The Independence day of Korea is 15 Aug 1945. Even at that time during WWII, we fought against same enemy, Japan. 

Actually, my history started from WWII. My grandfather was a forced labor drafted by Japan. But U.S navy gave him freedom by destroying Japanese battle ships and he stayed in Hawaii for several years helping U.S soldiers. 

My father fought against enemies with U.S soldiers during Vietnam War as a ROKA soldier. And I was an infantry KATUSA of 1/503rd AASLT BTN, 2ID, 2001~2003

Three generations over 60 years have made brotherhood relationship between Korea and the U.S. I am the proof of blood-tie relationship between the two countries. 

We are the unique two people from different countries but shed tears on same pictures of Korean War and Vietnam War.

I will be there whenever my U.S brothers need me and also my U.S brothers will. I and all of Koreans still remember the Korean War. We`ve never forgotten Warriors from the U.S 

We believe that fallen U.S Warriors during the Korean War became Guardian Angels of Korea. 

Dear my young KATUSAs. Please don’t forget that you represent Korea. You must do your best on your duty and help U.S soldiers after the duty. Although, my military service finished 10 years ago, I'm still doing PT every day, ready to fight tonight!! 

Dear my fellow U.S brothers. Please take advantage of staying in Korea. Always ask to KATUSAs for making beautiful memories in Korea. And also, I and members of KATUSA Veterans Association will always be with you. So, please do the right things. 

Don’t waste your precious time in Korea. We will go to fight with you whenever you need, just like your grand fathers and fathers came to Korea for saving us during Korean War. 

Thank you, my U.S brothers.

Tribute Video and Letter Posted by SUNG YONG PARK 
Brief history of the Korean War

In 1950, as the international community was coming to terms with the aftermath of World War II, a new conflict broke out at the edge of the Asian continent.
It was a rare example of the Cold War turning hot - pitting the US and its allies against the USSR, North Korea and communist China. It was marked by dramatic swings of fortune and a devastating death toll.
Estimates vary, but at least two million Korean civilians, up to 1.5m communist forces, and around 30,000 US, 400,000 South Korean and 1,000 UK troops are believed to have died.
For two of the three years that the war was under way, both sides were actually trying to negotiate a peace.

When a ceasefire was eventually signed, on 27 July 1953, no-one could have guessed that 60 years later, the two Koreas would remain technically at war.
A peace treaty has never been signed, and the border continues to bristle with mines, artillery and hundreds of troops.
28,500 US Soldiers along with KATUSA and ROK Soldiers Still Stand Guard 

Sung Yong Park 1/503rd AASLT BTN, 2ID, 2001~2003
Korean War Veteran Tribute Video By The Korean People
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