Welcome to the Camp Stanley South Korea face Book group Portal. We offer this page as an example of what the Group has to offer to Camp Stanley South Korea Veterans Including American Forces & KATUSA . Veterans share pictures & stories dating back to the 1950's until present day service. The Camp Stanley face book group has over 1,100 members posting over 5000 pictures of their service at Camp Stanley Korea the DMZ and The Camp Red Cloud Garrison of service. KATUSA are welcome to join us and participate , share pictures and stories of service . KATUSA have served honorably side by side with American forces forging memories and friendships dating back to 1950.
                       KATUSA (Korean: 카투사) stands for Korean Augmentation To the United States Army. 

The KATUSA program began in July 1950, during the Korean War, by informal agreement between Synghman Rhee and Douglas MacArthur. The KATUSA program has been maintained as a de facto liaison between the armed forces of both nations, still without a formal written agreement. Qualified Korean draftees who demonstrate a high level of English fluency and aptitude via a standardized written exam (usually the TOEIC) may apply for a KATUSA slot. Conscripts with qualifying test scores are selected on a random basis via lottery by the Korean government. Once selected, KATUSAs must complete six-weeks of ROK Army basic training. A brief orientation and OJT is conducted by the U.S. Army before they begin their full-time duty with a United States 

Army unit garrisoned in Korea for the duration of their military service.
Since 1950 KATUSA have served side by side with American Forces. Camp Stanley Korea Veterans are proud and grateful to the KATUSA Veterans for their dedication to Duty and Honorable service to the ROK. American forces served side by side with KATUSA forging life lasting memories. The Camp Stanley web site is a portal to Camp Stanley Group on Face Book. We encourage KATUSA Veterans to participate in this great group of Veterans.

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Katusa Survey firing points
Katusa Survey winter 1973
Katusa Survey winter 1973
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Katusa  Soldiers
KATUSA of the 1st BN  (HJ) 31 st FA Survey section winter of 1973
KATUSA Soldiers of the Wolf Pack
KATUSA Soldiers of the early days.
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Website Designed and Maintained by John Zanetti
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Sung Yong Park , "Chip Horn Thanks should be ours, Sir!! Your great speech gave my New KATUSAs good motivation. I always tell them, being a KATUSA is not just military service but making lifelong careers and brothers. You visited again Korea as a VVIP but went to KTA with me on weekend. Thank you, very much. Salute!!
D co. Commander CPT Chip Horn and Senior KATUSA of 1/503rd AASLT BTN in 2002

LTC Chip Horn and a husband, a father, an adjunct professor, a director of KATUSA Veterans Association, Mr. Park in 2014 — with Chip Horn.