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Camp Stanley began as a tent city in 1955. The first U.S. Army helicopters moved to the base in 1954 and aviation units were stationed there until 2nd ID's relocation in August 2005.Various 2nd ID units operated out of the camp from 1971 through 2005. The camp was home to both 2nd ID's Division Artillery and Aviation units until base realignment handed command of the installation to the 501st Corps Support Group.

Camp Stanley is currently home to the 61st Maintenance Company, 501st Sustainment Brigade; 46th Transportation Company, and 194th CSSB. Supporting units or detachments include a platoon from 55th Military Police Company, a Military Intelligence detachment, and medical and dental support. 46th Transportation Company has become well known around the South Korean peninsula. They are the key role of transporting supplies all over the peninsula. Warrior Reception Company (WRC) relocated to Camp Hovey in February 2012, as did the area Combined Issue Facility (CIF). Majority of all the places have been closing down so Camp Stanley is being said to be a "ghost town."Camp Stanley provides logistical support to Area I through its 501st SBDE units. The camp maintains its helipads and a refueling station for helicopters in support of 2nd Infantry Division operations. Helicopters fly daily training runs from nearby Camp Casey and Camp Red Cloud.There is a HazMart (recycling and reutilization facility) on the camp.Camp Stanley is slated to close by 2016. In line with the ongoing draw-down and realignment of American Forces in South Korea.[4] Units that are not inactivated will relocate south to Camp Humphreys or USAG Daegu.
This web site is a Portal to assist those who are interested in becoming a member of the Camp Stanley, Korea Facebook page. The Camp Stanley group is a great place to share memories and pictures shared and taken by the Veteran's that Served at Camp Stanley Korea starting in 1960 to present day. Over 5000 photos and growing. Click on the button below and join us. This website is a portal to assist those who are interested in becoming a member of the Camp Stanley, Korea Face book page.  
Camp Stanley is located approximately three miles outside of the city of Uijongbu, less than 20 miles north of the center of Seoul. Camp Stanley is located 4 miles southeast of Cp. Red Cloud and about 7 miles north-northeast of the outskirts of Seoul. The Kwangju Mountain Range, an offshoot of the Taebaek Mountains lies to the west. One way trip to Seoul from Camp Stanley takes about two hours by car or bus. Camp Stanley began as an unnamed Tent City in 1953 occupied by the 13th Helicopter Company, 36th Enginner Gp, 11th EB, 7th ID. In 1958 it was named after one of the 36th Engineering Battalion's Commanders, Col. Stanley. The first Permanent building was erected in 1969. In 1971 the 7th ID took over the camp, when they moved units from Paju in the DMZ area to Stanley. In 1971 the 2nd ID took over the 7th ID mission. 

Command of Camp Stanley passed from the 2nd Infantry Division’s Fires Brigade to the 501st Corps Support Group recently, marking the end of 34 years occupation by 2nd Infantry Division units. Army records show the facility opened as a tent city in 1954 and has been home to various 2nd ID units since 1971. 

Second ID’s departure from Camp Stanley — a result of the U.S. Army’s transformation and base realignment process on the peninsula — was swift. The Fires Brigade and 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment already have relocated to Camp Casey. Another Camp Stanley-based unit, 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment, will join them later this month. And 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation left for Camp Humphreys in June. 

Along with the 501st, units moving to the base this year include the 498th Combat Support Battalion; 46th Transportation Company; 61st Maintenance Company; 305th Quartermaster Company; Detachment A, 168th Medical Company; 304th Signal Battalion and the 15th Korean Service Corps Company, officials said. 

Recently the 501st Commander, Col. Jayne Carson of Annandale, Va., stood amid soldiers unpacking photographs, honors boards and various other symbols of the unit brought from their old home at Camp Red Cloud to hang on the wall of her new headquarters. 

Initially 300 soldiers with the 501st will be based at Camp Stanley, but once other units arrive the population will rise to around 1,500, down from a population of about 2,800 when 2nd ID was there. The camp will be the hub for the 501st’s operations, which involve 2,000 soldiers spread across 22 camps all over the peninsula, Carson said. 

In Area I, the 501st provides combat service support services to 2nd ID. That includes supply, maintenance, transport and movement control as well as postal and personnel service support, she said. 

The character of the base will probably not change greatly with the new units, Carson said — 

The 46th Transportation Company has parked dozens of palletized load system vehicles on the base airstrip where Black Hawk helicopters used to hover. 
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Bruce Richard Photos on display .Historic photos that represent 60 years of U.S. Army Camps in the Uijeongbu area went on display at the city’s main train station August 12. Way to go Bruce .Bruce thank you for all you do to Honor all of us. Many of these Photos can be seen on Bruce Richard's web site 
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